About Robotic Process Automation

About Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is a process of configuring computer software or any robot to do any existing application’s process like transaction , processing of data, triggering any responses and all the communication is done automatically between all digital devices. That means all the clerical process are automated. All the processed are set to do particular work at particular time automatically.

This process automation helps to achieve digital transformation and it helps to get a better service quality. Also it improves the quality of work. The work is done in time with proper service delivery. This helps to reduce cost. Also time and money is saved. Wastage of working hours or human error get reduced. It follows a process in which all the applications are integrated in such a way that it helps to use the resources in limited form. Like restructuring labour resources available in any organization.

In regular process of automating different tools, software developer prepares the action list to be taken to automate a task and connect it with the backend system with the help of application programming interface (API) or any code language is used.

That to in RPA , by going through user task an action list is prepared which uses user graphical interface and the same action is repeated for a particular or all the task directly through graphical user interface.

So in short Robotic process automation (RPA) is the process of using software which has its own artificial intelligence and learning machine capabilities. This helps it to handle high volume data, it can repeat the task which were done by humans.

It can process task like process of any queries automatically, different kind of calculation which need repetition. Also maintenance of records can be done automatically with help of Robotic process automation .


Who can learn Robotic process automation ?

RPA can be learnt by any person who has the following :
1. Those who are have good logical reasoning skills.
2. Who go into detail study of any process and have good attention
3. Those who are having great creativity and imagination
4. Those who can go through the problem in great detail and can suggest or resolve the issue.
5. Also should be able to give steps to follow , so that any process can be done quickly.
6. Should be fast enough to learn new things.
7. Should be able to implement ideas differently.
8. Should search a better solution and fastest way to solve any query with limited steps
9. Should have good reasoning power.
10. Always be ready with fresh ideas to be implemented.
11. Should be able to think out of box.
12. You can be graduate from any field
a.Engineering field b.Computer graduate. c.A particular specialization is not needed
13.The person should be able to cut down the time and effort of a company.
14.Should be able to improve quality of work.
15.Those who have a critical eye toward business process and visualize the solution to the process.

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