Humble beginnings

Redprism came a long way intending to ‘Transform the Career and Lives’ of the individuals in the competitive world and up skilling their career, and creating a balance between the learning and implementing the real-time cases in education and achieve the dreams.

Advance Java Training

Advance Java Training

Learn and Grow Like a Pro with Red Prism Goup

Are you on the lookout for an java training? Redprism is the leading name, renowned for providing the best and advanced java training as per the recent industry standards. Java language is quite simple and robust and we at Redprism strive to make it more interesting to learn. Our Java training program is designed for every individual, interested in learning the 4th generation object oriented programming language, be it working professional or freelancers.  

We pride ourselves on being the best coaching that serves hand on experience and core knowledge about the subject. We are working with a team of professional tutors that ensures a smooth learning process. In fact, we keep our focus on clearing your doubts. Our center is well-equipped to meet the needs of one’s specific learning environment. We are proactively working to provide an easy learning environment and the ease of training to work on live projects. We also focus on providing special classes for students to learn and develop their skills better.

Begin with Advanced Learning Environment

Of course, every programming language has its own sets of rules. We make sure you begin learning in a seamless manner. We strive to define the language professionally and help you work on real projects to get better learning ideas. Our certified Java tutors create a program that best works for you and makes learning easier. We also keep our focus on providing you with a strong base. With us, you can easily attain your learning goals and be proficient by learning an object-oriented programming language. Moreover, you will gain the ability to move quickly when you choose us to learn the programming language with us.

Choose Redprism for Good Reasons

Before you trust us as your true ally, you should know what we can serve. Let’s have a look at why you should choose Redprism for learning advanced Java programming language:

· We are operating with industry experts

· We serve placement assistance

· We focus on every student

· We provide flexible classes at your convenience

· We have a discussion zone to clear your doubts

· We allow students to work on live projects for a better understanding

· We provide knowledge of complex technical concepts Better Assistance for Better Learning at Redprism

We give numbers of reasons to choose us as the best training institute for advance java in Noida. Our teaching sessions are conducted to make learning easier for every student. We help students to learn why Java is developed, its application areas, platform independency, Java features, different Java platforms, Java versions, and many more. We have different slots when you want to learn Java from the convenience of your home. Red Prism Groups works to enhance your technical skills and get a grip on the basics of learning real-time Java. With us, you can easily increase your performance and level of knowledge to ensure constant success in your career. Now, join our Java classes and strengthen your chances of placement with relative ease.

Exclusive Key factors at Redprism

Redprism is the best J2EE coaching. The industrial experts from top MNCs, who are passionate about Java, are the reason to make us the best J2EE training institutes. They give tremendous efforts in training the students, preparing the students to face the world and crack the interview with confidence. For students who are living far away from our center, we provide J2EE online training around the globe.


Prime Features why to Join Red Prism?:-

·         Industry Expert Trainers with 10-15 years of experience.

·         Course content is curated by best Subject Matter Experts.

·         Practical Assignments.

·         Real Time Projects.

·         Video recording of each and every session.

·         Yours doubts are clarified with 24*7 assistance by our experts.

·         We conduct regular Mock tests and certifications at the end of course.

·         Certification Guidance.

·         Recognized training complete certificate.

·         100% Placement Assistance.

·         Less fees as compared to other institutes.

·         Flexi payment options

·         Scholarship Available

Course Content:-

o   Java EE architecture

§  Single Tier

§  Two Tier

§  Three Tier

§  N-Tier

o   Java EE Components

o   Web Components

o   Distributed Components

o   Java EE containers and servers

o   Web Containers and web servers

o   EJB Container and Application Server

o   Java EE services

o   Revising Data Handling and functions

o   Revising OOPS Java

o   Revising Packages and Multithreading

o   Introduction to collection framework

o   Core Interfaces

o   Collection, List, Queue, Deque

o   Core Classes

o   Set, Navigable Set, Sorted Set

o   Difference between HashSet, HashMap and HashTable

o   Map, Navigable Map, Sorted Map

o   Accessing a collection via an iterator

o   Accessing a collection via for each loop

o   User defined objects

o   Using comparator and comparable interfaces

o   Legacy classes and interface

o   Date and time handling

o   Use of Property File

o   Understanding different types of locale with different files.

o   Understanding Resource Bundle

o   Introduction to XML

o   Writing XML Files

o   DOM Parser-Writing into an XML File and parsing an XML File

o   SAX Parser & XSL

o   Introduction to JDBC

o   Architecture of JDBC

o   JDBC Driver Types

o   Four types of drivers

o   Batch Processing Transactions

o   Metadata, ResultSetMetaData, DatabaseMetaDeta

o   Performance Increase using connection pool

o   Commit, Rollback, Save point

o   Introduction to web programming

o   Role of Servlet in Web Programming

o   Servlet Life Cycle

o   Understanding a servlet class

o   Packages used for Servlet

o   Servlet Annotations

§  @WebServlet

§  @WebInitParam

§  WebListener

§  WebFilter

§  MultipartConfig

o   Request Dispatching

o   Cookie and URL rewriting

o   Hidden Form Field

o   File uploading and downloading

o   Session Tracking and state Management

o   Understanding Events and Listeners

o   Refreshing Servlet


o   Filters


o   JSP Architecture

o   JSP Elements

o   JSP Objects

o   Custom Tags

o   Understanding servlet class vs JSP Page.

o   Tags of JSTL.

o   Java Beans

o   Exception Handling In JSP

o   Expression Language

o   Example of a JSP and Servlet in a single Application

o   Introduction to Hibernate

o   Hibernate Architecture

o   Database Operation

o   Inheritance

o   Collections and HQL

o   Caching

o   Email system and Protocols

o   Sending and Receiving mails

o   AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming)

o   Integrating Spring Framework with Hibernate

o   Ajax Framework and design Patterns

§  DAO

§  DTO

§  MVC

§  Intercepting Filters

§  Front Controllers

§  Business Delegate

o    Introduction to SOA

o   Architecture of SOA

o   Advantages of SOA

o   Binding in SOA

o   Composition of Service

o   My Eclipse

o   NetBeans     

o   Apache Tomcat

o   Maven Configuration

o   Converting Maven to Eclipse

o   Maven Commands

o   Introduction to Spring Framework

o   Spring Architecture

o   Run a sample Message

o   IOC Containers

o   Bean Definition

o   Bean Scope

o   Basic Bean Wiring

o   Advanced Bean Wiring

o   Bean Post Processors

o   Introduction to Spring Framework

o   Spring Architecture

o   Run a sample Message

o   IOC Containers

o   Bean Definition

o   Bean Scope

o   Basic Bean Wiring

o   Advanced Bean Wiring

o   Bean Post Processors

o   Introduction to web services

o   WSDL Files

o   WSDL and UDDI

o   SOAP

o   Introduction to RESTFULL Services

o   Implementation of JAX-WS

Ø  Implementation of a project