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Redprism came a long way intending to ‘Transform the Career and Lives’ of the individuals in the competitive world and up skilling their career, and creating a balance between the learning and implementing the real-time cases in education and achieve the dreams.

Mean Stack

Mean Stack

What is Mean Stack?
Mean stack is a JavaScript programming language that is used for designing and development of various web applications. Abbreviated as MEAN- MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js, it is a powerful programming language and has a wide scope in the near future to come. The flexibility of these models has led to its great usage by various top firms and companies across the world. As a web developer under the mean stack, students can have great career opportunities and to kick-start your career, there would not be a better chance at this.

Why MEAN Stack Training?

Mean stack training in Redprism Noida provides you to drive your skill sets in the field of web and application developments. Getting this training will be such a great boost up for your career path. Most of top IT firms such as Samsung, IBM, Accenture, DELL, Adobe, and Microsoft are using this web development for various applications. And they are also ready to pay well for a deserving candidate. And in such cases, being a professional mean stack developer can lead to great heights. Also, in the coming days, this programming language is said to have a great demand. To help you gain good expertise over the subject, our trainers will assist you to gain good practical skills to amplify your career opportunities. Redprism is  the best training institute for  mean stack course in Noida, so come and join us to achieve what you really deserve.

What students will achieve?

ü  Develop Single Page Applications

ü  Route the Single Page Application

ü  Write Express Back-End Web Services

ü  Consume Express Web Services

ü  Develop AngularJS Reusable Services, Filters and Directives

ü  Create and Query MongoDB Documents


Why you should take the MEAN Stack Training in Noida with us?

Redprism is a well-known institute for Mean stack training in Noida. We offer expert training for Javascript, SQL to help you master the applications as a web developer. There are other reasons too for what it makes us be the MEAN Stack centre in Noida. Our trainers are highly skilled and implement the best practices for Mean stack training in Noida. With precise practices, knowledge and skills about the subject, they provide you with real-time training with Practical examples: The entire course syllabus is curated based on live case studies and examples. Redprism offer placement-oriented training. Our experts will help get placed in the right way. They also help you with on-job support as well.



Prime Features why to Join Red Prism?:-

·         Industry Expert Trainers with 10-15 years of experience.

·         Course content is curated by best Subject Matter Experts.

·         Practical Assignments.

·         Real Time Projects.

·         Video recording of each and every session.

·         Yours doubts are clarified with 24*7 assistance by our experts.

·         We conduct regular Mock tests and certifications at the end of course.

·         Certification Guidance.

·         Recognized training complete certificate.

·         100% Placement Assistance.

·         Less fees as compared to other institutes.

·         Flexi payment options

·         Scholarship Available

Course Content:-

§  Introduction to NodeJs

o   What is nodejs

o   A word on eventloop

o   Event driven architecture

o   Blocking vs non-blocking code

o   Setup nodejs

o   Node REPL

o   HelloWorld program

o   Debugging nodejs app

§  Modules in JS

o   Understanding exports and require

o   Creating modules

o   Importing modules

o   Quick tour on npm

o   Installing 3rd party modules

§  Events & streams

o   Significance of Events

o   EventEmitter class

o   Emitting and listening to events

o   Types of streams

o   Working with streams

o   Composing streams using pipe

§   Working with Process and File System

o   Process object

o   Handling exceptions at process level

o   Listening to process events

o   Working with file system using fs module

o   Creating, Copying, Deleting files

o   Creating, Copying, Deleting directories

o   Watching for file changes

§  Expressjs Introduction & Setup

o   Installing express

o   First App with express – Demo

o   Little about routes

o   Little about Express middleware

o   Serving static files with express

o   Express application generator

o   What is expressjs

§  Routing in Depth

o   Route Methods

o   Route Paths

o   Parametrized Routes

o   Route Handlers

o   Express Router

§  Middleware

o   Types of middleware

o   Application

o   Router

o   Error

o   Builtin

o   Thirdparty

§  Error middleware

§  Bodyparser, cookie parser, session management

§  Template Engines

o   What are template engines

o   EJS

o   Jade

o   Handlebars

§  Expressjs security

o   Authentication

o   JWT

o   Securing routes

§  Debugging in Express

§  Realtime programming with

§  Scaling nodejs applications

o   The Child process model

o   exec, spawn, and fork functions

o   Using the Cluster module

§  Angular Architecture

§  Dynamic Binding

§  vModules, Controllers, and Scope

§  Views

§  Custom Directives

§  Event Directives

§  Expressions

§  Built-in and Custom Filters

§  Understanding the Digest Loop

§  Form Validations

§  AngularJS Service Types

§  Factories

§  Creating Custom Services

§  Routing, Redirects, and Promises

§  Introduction to MongoDB

o   Installing MongoDB

o   The current SQL/NoSQL landscape

o   Document-oriented vs. other types of storage

o   Mongo’s featureset

o   Common use-cases

o   MongoDB databases

o   MongoDB Collections

o   MongoDB Documents

§  CRUD Operations in Mongodb

§  Creating documents

o   insert()

o   update()

o   save()

§  Querying documents

o   find()

o   Working with equality

o   Query operators

o   Building complex queries

§  Updating documents

§  Deleting documents

§  Introduction to Mongoose

o   Word on ORM/ODM

o   Installing mongoose

o   Connecting to MongoDB from mongoose

§  Core concepts of Mongoose

o   Understanding mongoose schemas and datatypes

o   Working with Models

o   Using modifiers in schema

o   Using virtual fields

o   Optimizing query performance by enabling indexes

§  Extending Models

o   Working with hooks

o   Validation of model data

o   Creating custom static methods

o   Creating custom instance methods

o   CRUD operations with Mongoose