Humble beginnings

Redprism came a long way intending to ‘Transform the Career and Lives’ of the individuals in the competitive world and up skilling their career, and creating a balance between the learning and implementing the real-time cases in education and achieve the dreams.

Machine Learning Training Coaching in Noida

Machine Learning Training Coaching in Noida

Machine learning is not something that you have to wait for a specific time or age. Anyone is open to get enrolled in machine learning programs. Redprism Group is the well-renowned training coaching. We are the team of professional tutors that helps you with machine learning and enables professionals to get a chance to secure placement in Multinational companies. We pride ourselves on becoming the most preferred choice of working professionals. We always keep our focus on providing hands-on practical knowledge and let you work on a live project. We strive to enhance your chances of getting a high-paid job with the utmost ease.

Our professional team has years of experience in providing the best machine learning training with live projects. We always try to serve you with the best training and hands-on experience to ensure 100% placement. We are working with top professionals, who have rich experience in handling the live projects of machine learning. Our teaching strategies are the perfect blend of modern techniques and deep studies to conduct online or Offline classes. We focus on providing complete ease to our customers. This is why we are providing both online and offline according to the convenience of our students.

Our machine learning syllabus is modified according to the recent technology trends and we keep improving our teaching techniques to incorporate the recent learning environment. We have certified teachers to make machine learning easy. We ensure you learn the essentials you need to kick-start your career. We are proud to be the best machine learning training institute in Noida that pays attention to the specific learning condition of the aspirant. We also bring them choices between basic and professional level training to provide them with high-quality coaching.

We at Redprism Group, have customized training options for you. We believe everyone knows what he is not good at. This is why we welcome working professionals to get a personalized learning experience and make machine learning easy as per your specific concerns. We have come up as the best training classes that proactively work to develop the best experiences. With us, you can easily make your winning career with the utmost ease. We don’t just help you understand the basics of machine learning but also help you get a grip on advanced learning standards. We bring you a nice opportunity to expand your knowledge seamlessly. Don’t worry if you want to join the best institute for machine learning, as we are here to teach you as per the recent norms and industry constraints.

Who all can do Machine Learning?

ü  Freshers

ü  Testers

ü  Developers

ü  Analytics managers

ü  Business analysts

ü  Information architects



Prime Features why to Join Red Prism?:-

·         Industry Expert Trainers with 10-15 years of experience.

·         Course content is curated by best Subject Matter Experts.

·         Practical Assignments.

·         Real Time Projects.

·         Video recording of each and every session.

·         Yours doubts are clarified with 24*7 assistance by our experts.

·         We conduct regular Mock tests and certifications at the end of course.

·         Certification Guidance.

·         Recognized training complete certificate.

·         100% Placement Assistance.

·         Less fees as compared to other institutes.

·         Flexi payment options

·         Scholarship Available

Course Content:-

Introduction to Python
  • Installation of Python
  • Configuration of Python
  • Basic of Commands in Python & Variables
  • Integer
  • FLoat
  • String
  • Constant
  • Complex
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Sets
  • Dictionary
  • Arrays


  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Special Operators
  • Python Functions
  • Python Class and objects
  • Python Basic library
  • If
  • If -else
  • Else if
  • Break and Continue
  • For
  • While
  • Python Oops Concepts
  • Python File handling
  • Python RegEx
  • Numpy arrays
  • Numpy Operations
  • Numpy methods and function
  • Other things in Numpy
  • Data Series
  • Data Frames
  • Other things in pandas
  • Intro to pyplot
  • Sample plots in Matplotlib
  • Plots
  • Image







Tensor flow

  • Why Tensor flow?
  • Graphs and Sessions
  • Check out Tensor Board
  • Basic operations
  • Constants, variables
  • Control dependencies
  • Data pipeline
  • Basic of Probability and Statistics
  • Basic of Linear Algebra
  • Basic of Laplace’s Transformation

Machine Learning

  • What is ML?
  • Supervise Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Semi-Supervise Learning
  • Machine learning examples
  • Well defined machine learning problem


  • Linear Model
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Lasso Regression



  • Linear classifiers
  • Fisher's linear discriminant
  • Naive Bayes classifier
  • Support vector machines
  • Least squares support vector machines
  • k-nearest neighbor
  • Random forests
  • Learning vector quantization
  • Machine learning examples
  • Well defined machine learning problem
  • Decision tree learning
  • Over fitting
  • Random variables, probabilities
  • Review of Probability
  • Bayes rule
  • MLE
  • MAP
  • Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Types Of NN
  • Conditional independence
  • Multinomial Naive Bayes
  • Gaussian Bayes classifiers
  • Document classification
  • Brain image classification
  • Form of decision surface
  • Instance-Based Learning
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Learning Sets of Rules
  • Independent Component Analysis
  • Canonical Correlation Analysis
  • Fisher's Linear Discriminant.
  • Support Vector Machines, Kernel Methods
  • HMM (Forward-Backward, Veterbi, EM for Learning), Neural Network
  • Markov Decision Processes
  • Q learning
  • Q learning in non-deterministic domains
  • RL as model for learning in